Why I Started This Blog

Lots of people have blogs about a lot of topics.  I never had any desire to be one of those people, until my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder earlier this year.

I always knew Tim was different from other kids, so I was not surprised by the diagnosis.  In some ways it was a relief.  I can explain my son’s strange behaviors by simply saying “my son is Autistic.”  Other people seem to understand that word a little bit.  Yet, for me, hearing that my son is fundamentally atypical from the rest of the world has been very challenging.  I worry about his future.  I worry whether I am able to give him what he needs to succeed.  I worry about the impact of his diagnosis on his brothers.  There is a lot to worry about.  And I am thankful every day that he is a part of my family, personality quirks and all.

I writing this blog I want to share my honest feelings about life, family, raising children, and raising an Autistic child.  I hope to meet other moms and families with similar challenges to share experiences.  I hope to help others who are facing some of the same struggles I have faced.

I hope I can help just one person get through a tough situation by reading about mine.  Even if it is to laugh at my failures.  I hope you will feel comfortable to share your struggles with me too.